Who we are

Mainly, we are researchers from the ARCO Group, at the University of Extremadura, Spain.

The Computer Architecture and Logic Design Group (ARCO group) is a university research group existing since 1995 and located in the Polytechnic School of the University of Extremadura, Spain. This group has been successfully funded by several national research initiatives of Spanish agencies of science and technology, such as APRIS (TIC2000-0475), TRACER (TIC2002-04498-C05-01), OPLINK (TIN2005-008818-C04-03), MSTAR (TIN2008-06491-C04-04), and BIO (TIN2012-30685) projects, among others. In all of these projects the group has tackled both theoretical and applied research using advanced computing techniques in several fields such as: parallel and distributed computing, reconfigurable and embedded computing, evolutionary and bio-inspired computation, metaheuristics for multiobjective optimization, bioinformatics, wireless sensor networks, cryptography, signal and image processing, cache memory architectures, e-learning, etc.